KNOKberlin is the creative studio and original in-house label of KNOK STORE, a contemporary concept store located in Berlin, Germany.

For many independent fashion labels, the narrative usually unfolds with collections first, and a brick-and-mortar store built to house the collections, second. For KNOKberlin, the opposite occurred. After a successful year of curating a tightly edited range of garments, design pieces, and home accessories for KNOK STORE, KNOKberlin was conceived.

Designed alongside an inspiring community of like-minded Berlin creatives, KNOKberlin is the result of extensive research into the wants and needs of our customers. Desires change according to the seasons; therefore, it was important to create beautiful products that are functional year-round. Berliners are practical and always on-the-go - the outcome of living in such an energetic and multi-faceted city. KNOKberlin responds to that: whether it’s work or the weekend, our accessories are designed to go everywhere, reflecting the versatile nature of our lives.  

As a brand, our focus is to provide the highest quality materials, as our items are worn close to the body. All pieces are designed at our studio in Kreuzberg, and are available at KNOK Store, online, and at selected retailers.